Help Save the Rainforest with Decorus
Is your desk full of paperwork?

Inundated with post-it notes, documents and letters?

Ever thrown important documents away mistaking it for junk?

You aren’t the only ones! It’s time to get digital and reduce the likelihood of misplacing that contract or forgetting to make the phone call to the number scribbled on some scrap paper.

Working in a chaotic environment can bring unrewarding results, with the aid of a property management software system such as Decorus for Sage the outcome has the potential to be dramatically improved. Productivity can be damaged when working amongst piles of paperwork whilst finding archived documents from years ago, hidden away in ring-binders might just waste an afternoon which could have been used more efficiently.

When we live in a world where e-mail has replaced letters and everything from diaries to address books have been digitalised surely it makes sense to work that way to. There is the applicant centre specifically created to record details of potential tenants including contact details and requirements. When the applicants become tenants they will be monitored on the tenancy timeline. This is the place to log every communication, transaction or agreement made throughout the duration of the tenancy so that everything is on record, making it easily locatable however historic it might be. Your portfolio can be kept up to date by recording details in the property database where tenants can be linked to, creating tenancies.

When it comes to managing your own hours it is time to ditch the filo-fax and use the office diary which will reduce the chances of double-bookings occurring, crossed-wires and improve organisation of your team. Alerts can also be set here to prompt arising deadlines, appointments and inspection dates.

For full details on how Decorus for Sage can help manage your property portfolio please complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305.
Improve productivity with a paperless office
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