Efficiently calculate budgets with Service Charge Software.

Ensure your leaseholders remain happy with the service you provide by fore-filing the promises you deliver when pitching your quote. Create a service charge budget to cover maintenance costs of the communal areas of the properties you manage isn’t so simple...

The Problem

Managing blocks, whether residential or commercial it is important to accurately calculate your service charge budget. Doing this isn’t easy and it can take up time. Predicting the future is impossible, nobodies knows when an ‘act of God’ might strike and cause potentially £££’s worth of damage to the building.

Preparing for this and any other unsuspecting costs need to be accounted for in the service charge budget, running out of funds will either mean you have to use your own money or have unhappy clients. It’s a fine line as over-estimating can lead to losing potential new business.

The Solution

Calculating service charge budgets is so much easier with Decorus for Sage, not only is it more accurate but it takes a lot less time to do it. Using your experience and the features included in Decorus you will be able to budget the costs for the forthcoming agreed period to manage the properties in the most efficient way as the amount of paperwork required for day-to-day tasks will be dramatically reduced, allowing you to prioritise your time.

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Decorus for Sage is a desktop-based solution, however it can be hosted in the cloud for users who want flexibility.
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