Websites in 2015 aren’t what they used to be. Ten years ago it was fine to just have an online presence, it worked like your shop window, people would stumble across it, look over it, if something caught their eye they would enquire further, if not they would walk on by.

We aren’t in 2005 though and having a few pictures on a web pages is no longer enough. The internet has moved on, so has technology and your competitors. The internet has become an interactive media platform which encourages engagement and quality content. It wasn’t too long ago that people looked down on the internet as a fad for those who preferred to stay indoors but we now live in a world where it is everywhere, it consumes our daily life, we can’t escape it. Wi-Fi is becoming increasingly accessible, feeding the demand for smart phone and tablet users whilst the actual content online has become more advanced too. By 2020 it is predicted that over 80% of the internet will be in the form of video. It is pretty impressive that we can watch films on a device that can fit in the palm of your hand.

Web users are savvy, you don’t need to be a whizz to surf the web but having a site that appears simplistic will help to get you more customers. Take a look at your competitors, how does their site look? Is it an enjoyable experience? Can you easily find properties? Sign up to their newsletters? Make an enquiry? Find contact details? If so, then you need to do similar, if not then great, you can take the step before they do, because they will catch up eventually.

You need a website that works like your high-street branch. Your home page is the shop window, enticing interest. You want to make it easy for them to search your portfolio, book a viewing and become a tenant. The initial search might begin online but in most cases the deal is closed in your branch but you need to be ahead of your competitors online first.

We have teamed up with Your Letting Agency who specialise in developing websites for letting agents. You are guaranteed to have an online presence that not only stands out from the crowd but also shows off your portfolio too and gives your potential tenants a painless user experience.

Property management can be time-consuming, we have been working with landlords and agents long enough to understand that they don’t want another task on their to-do list. The advantage of this unique collaboration is that it takes the work out of your hands, you get a professional looking, fully customisable website with your branding and when you want to update it there is no extra work required as it syncs with the data within Decorus.

When one of your properties becomes available, the marketing information and photos can be uploaded on to your website easily. The same process is available if you have Rightmove and/or Zoopla accounts too.

Want to improve relations with your tenants, landlords and leaseholders? A log-in area can also be implemented on to your site. This allows your clients to download invoices and view statements.

The package includes free hosting for a year, ten e-mail addresses specific to your branded domain and training on how to edit your site.

If you find that our templates aren’t right for you a bespoke service is also available.

To find out more about our web templates and the features that Decorus for Sage has to offer please complete our online contact form or call 0114 2307305.
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