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This month Google AdWords celebrate its 15th birthday but what impact has it had on marketing, both on and offline?

In the last quarter Google’s revenue was $18.68bn, 90% of that came from paid adverts. This is some achievement when you think that when AdWords launched back in 2000 they only had 350 advertisers. If that isn’t impressive enough, AdWords has changed/disrupted how marketers work forever, for every industry.

At the time, this forward-thinking tactic came from nowhere as Google had to rethink their business model to remain free for its users, but they had overheads to pay, shareholders to please and goals to achieve.

How do you turn a free service into a profitable one?

You change the game. Google still deliver what they always have done, a free platform for users to discover the answers to their queries as quickly as possible and a free platform for business owners and websites to be discovered easily. Whilst that still remains, the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) have changed a LOT.
The ‘organic’ (free) listings remain but surrounding them, above, down the side and sometimes at the bottom of the page are paid for adverts, disguised as free listings and this where Google make their billions whilst it remains a cost-effective marketing exercise for the advertisers as they can target those who see their listing and only pay for engagement.

This is called PPC (Pay Per Click) and it makes many other marketing tactics a waste of money. As a letting agent or landlord you might advertise in your local newspaper, this has been a tradition, yes you are reaching out to local people who might be moving house but the majority of readers won’t be. A large amount of the fee paid to the newspaper is wasted on uninterested eyes, you will never get that money back.

Mastering Google AdWords isn’t easy, it takes time to get your targeting right, skill to create clickable copy for the right audience and understanding how to tweak it for the best results. It is a fine line between giving your advert the right and wrong exposure, the last thing you want to be doing is paying for irrelevant clicks, in that case you might as well as thrown your money aimlessly at the newspapers, it is a lot easier. However, getting your AdWords campaign right can be a game changer.

You might hear people say that PPC is a waste of money and time, I just said that about local newspapers, there are countless ‘experts’ who claim ‘SEO is dead’, e-mail doesn’t work and direct marketing is a joke that got out of hand. The truth is, there is no right answer, marketing tactics work better and worse for different industries and audiences. If being an organic listing on page 1 of Google for your chosen keywords gets the leads that you want then SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) marketing is for you but to get the most from your campaigns it is best to use more than one tactic, especially online. PPC, SEO and content marketing can complement each other.

If you can get your AdWords campaign right then you will be able to challenge bigger brands without competing with their budgets. The best thing about Google AdWords is the retargeting capabilities which follow people who have previously shown interest/visited your website around the internet with your adverts, giving your brand a greater online presence effortlessly.

Google, as a platform is constantly advancing to improve the user experience. It now offers video adverts on YouTube, mobile-only ads and localised ads which are perfect for marketing your portfolio. The innovation doesn’t stop there as ‘big data’ and ‘beacons’ will become accessible to every marketer, not just those clued up to the latest technology.

You don’t need a huge budget to win with AdWords but you do require time and knowledge to ensure that you aren’t wasting your money. The reports available for AdWords advertisers is highly beneficial, not just for maintaining your campaign efficiently and cost-effectively but it also provides information that can be used throughout all of your campaigns.

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