Whether you want to grow your portfolio by a few or by hundreds it can be achieved without risk or huge investment when using Property Management Software for Sage 50 UK.

Property management is exactly that, managing properties, however, it is far more complicated than that.

The term alone brings confusion to many as it can be a landlord or letting agent who offers a service that is more than just collecting rent whilst ‘property management companies’ are a relatively new addition to the industry and their role is focused solely on managing properties, these companies don’t collect rent, they don’t let properties out, they simply maintain the communal areas within estates or block of flats. These companies often call themselves estate managers or block managers and they are becoming increasingly popular as more blocks are being built to deal with the ‘housing crisis.’

Whatever the term means to you, Decorus has a solution! This premium package is flexible and adaptable for landlords, letting agents or property management companies, enabling them to provide a cost-effective and efficient service to their clients. Pleasing your current customers is essential for business growth but that can be challenging in itself, especially if you are working to a tight budget. If you have a solution which reduces your to-do list you will not only have the resources to give more to your clients but you will have more time to find new ones too without it becoming distracting.

There are three editions to Decorus for Sage, one is specific for landlords, there is another for letting agents and one suitable for the property managers however, our 20 years’ experience in property management software has taught us that it is never that simple so we have developed software which caters for various scenarios including those landlords and letting agents who want to branch out to block management too.

There are only so many homes out there, only so many landlords, it can be hard to grow your business if you only have one service, by spreading your wings you can reach new audiences which means more clients and an increase in revenue. If you take on more property management duties to the services you provide more money comes into the company which means that you will have more opportunities to take your business to the next level.

It isn’t that simple but having extra time available by reducing your administrative to-do list will free up time to expand, try different things and reach your potential. For landlords and letting agents looking into block management as another service but worry that you won’t have time to deliver the service required then Decorus for Sage could be the investment that turns your lettings business into something more substantial.

Decorus comes with the features to deal with the property side of being a landlord or agent including dedicated databases, portal feeds, diaries and tools to monitor work orders and tenancies. It is the unique integration with Sage which makes the solution stand out from its competitors as data entered into Decorus automatically feeds into Sage in real-time, reducing data entry whilst profit and loss reports against each property can be generated instantly. These tools save time and help to work more cost-effectively.

If you feel that your business would benefit from going in to block management then you don’t need to go it alone, our additional block management and service charge module is available for landlords and letting agents.

Maintaining blocks is a very different way of working but you will be ahead of your competitors when you use your experience and contacts that you have gained from already working in the industry whilst the tools in the module cover a wide range of duties from calculating service charge budgets accurately and efficiently to completing the work cost-effectively, to a standard that your clients expect.

By giving your business this additional service not only does it gain an extra source of revenue for now and the future but it also won’t affect your profits when the property market has another crash.

Complete our contact form to arrange an online demonstration of the only property management software for Sage 50 UK based around your requirements to see how it can benefit your business.

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