Complete maintenance work more efficiently with software for property managers.

Managing properties isn’t always just about the service you provide, it is also important to use suppliers you can trust and depend on.


It Isn’t All About You

Being a property manager requires a lot of hats, maintaining buildings doesn’t come easy so it is essential that you can put your trust in the people representing you, the suppliers.

Whether your portfolio consists of one block or several, as a management agent it is your responsibility to find the right people to complete the job, for two reasons:

  1. The freeholder hires you as they want their asset, the building to remain valuable

  2. The leaseholder pays a monthly service charge fee to cover the costs, they want to ensure that their money is being spent wisely


Finding the Right Suppliers

Getting a tradesman to complete a work order at short notice can be a near-impossible task, getting one who can do the job on budget might seem unthinkable. Once you do find the perfect plumber, electrician or joiner you don’t want to lose them!

The more that you use the same tradesman the easier it is to create a relationship with them.

The Benefits of having a Trusting Relationship with Suppliers

  • Feel confident that the job will be completed on time

  • The more work you give a tradesman the better price they will give you

  • They are more likely to prioritise their time for regular customers

The tradesman you choose to work on your portfolio represents you as a property manager. It is important that they give a good impression to the leaseholder to avoid them from filing for Right To Manage.


How Can You Do This Efficiently?

Managing properties is a balancing act. Trying to please the freeholder, the leaseholders who pay for the services and get the maintenance work completed requires organisation within your team. By using property management software you have the tools to manage all your clients, blocks/properties and monitor the service you provide in one solution.

Decorus for Sage will not only streamline your administrative duties, the CRM offers a place which links your portfolio together, bringing a structure to your team.

The supplier centre in the software offers users a database to log and record information relating to trustworthy tradesmen, this will include contact records, the service they provide and costs. By having this information easily available you will no longer find yourself trawling through phone books or Google when a work order has been requested. If your portfolio is extensive it is highly likely that your leaseholders will regularly request maintenance work. The more times you use the same suppliers the greater relationship you will have, they will provide loyal customers with better prices and prioritise whilst you can feel confident that the job will be completed to expectation. The lower the costs and the less time it takes can then help stretch the service charge budget further.

Want to see what else Decorus can offer? Book a demonstration to see how the only property management software to integrate with Sage can help you maintain your portfolio more cost-effectively. 


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