Property Management Software for Letting Agents brings many benefits for its users, it is an investment worth buying in to!

What are the major challenges which you face as a letting agent?
  • Short on time?
  • Cash flow problems?
  • Lack funding?
  • Small portfolio?
  • Struggle with marketing?
The job role for a letting agent has changed dramatically in the last few years as the industry has become more competitive, the need for adaptability and to be highly skilled in different areas is essential.

Learning new skills takes time, time costs money, it is a vicious circle but with a small investment in time and money the rewards can be a worth the effort. Property management software for letting agents comes equipped with functions to improve efficiency. When time is used to its fullest, not wasted with pointless meetings, excessive data entry or repetitive tasks not only does more work get done, money is saved and productivity increases too.

Being the ‘best’ letting agent can mean different things to different people but all you should care about is your clients, the landlords and the tenants. They want a letting agent who provides a service that they find to be value for money. It isn’t about being the biggest, most profitable or the ones with the branded cars parked outside, if you can go that extra mile for your customers, do more than what your competitors do then you will earn a good reputation which will bring new customers to you.

With Decorus for Sage you get a solution which streamlines the workload required for a letting agent from administrative duties to the financials making it the perfect addition to any agency, small or large, residential or commercial. This fully configurable system is ideal for those in specialised sectors.

Let Decorus take care of your documents and files relating to your clients/properties/tenants with the CRM, reduce your vacancy rates quicker using the portal feed and improve time-management within the team with the office diary which syncs to MS Outlook.

What sets Decorus apart from other property management software solutions for letting agents is its true 2-way integration to Sage, the number one accountancy package in the UK. This unique link sees data entered into Decorus automatically feed into Sage, a format recognised by over 90% of accountants, saving time on data entry and money in fees. Its advanced financial analysis and reports will help you work more economically too.

With all of the extra time you have available and money in your budget you will be able to become the agent your customers want you to be, providing a better service doesn’t need to cost more money but if you can keep some time aside to do it then the financial rewards will pay off.

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property management software for letting agents
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