Why invest in Estate Management Software?

Estate Management can be a minefield. Therefore, when you have to manage various elements across large sites it is essential that a software system is in place.

Whether you manage commercial sites such as business parks or units, residential estates, land or blocks, it is highly likely that you will face the same challenges:

  • Budgets

  • Time management

  • Client relations

  • Maintenance

  • Administrative workload

  • Improving the performance of the portfolio

  • Pleasing leaseholders, tenants, freeholders and landlords

Keeping relationships with clients are essential when you are a managing agent as you have to have a transparent line of communication. This is often time-consuming as it relies on accurate reports, analysis, and providing a cost-effective solution is key to client retention.

Improving the way you work

With a system in place that streamlines your administrative workload you will have more time to deliver a better service and improve the performance of all aspects in your portfolio.

The role of managing estates is complex and varied, it can require unique skill sets from maintenance to financials. A simple property management system might offer the tools for running the estate but you still need to manage your accounts.

Decorus for Sage offers both. A full solution that can manage estates on several levels, from blocks to units, to allowing users to scrutinise the performance of their portfolio on mass or individual. These real-time analytics provide data to see what areas are proving profitable and where improvements can be made; simplifying a task which would seem impossible without a system in place.

The database provides information including occupancy rates, maintenance work and contact records, but it is the powerful accounting engine, powered by Sage 50c which gives Decorus users a real advantage.

Accounting with Sage 50c

The benefits of this unique integration are vast and crucial for many, as they find productivity levels increase when data entry is reduced. The seamless link sees financial data feed between Sage 50c - the UK’s leading accounting package - and Decorus saving on time and accountancy fees.

To improve the financial performance of the portfolio Decorus and Sage work together to provide key tools for creating service charge budgets, profit & loss reports, and automated invoicing. Managing the financial aspects of a business is just as important as the properties for survival and ensures that you are providing a cost-effective service for your clients.

Service Charge

When it comes to managing an estate it is important that the funds are available; this generally comes from a service charge budget, paid for by the leaseholder. This is often the most challenging aspect in property management as it is impossible to forecast for the future as you never know what could happen. There’s a fine line between over-estimating budgets and losing the contract or under-charging and being unable to complete maintenance working, which again could lose the contract.

If more than 50% of the leaseholders are unhappy with the service you provide then they can file for Right To Manage. The service charge module in Decorus has been developed to avoid this happening.

Using data from previous years costs are collected to ensure forecasting is as accurate as possible whilst the software has the ability to split fees equally amongst the leaseholders.


Generating invoices, especially in large amounts can be a time-consuming process but with Decorus and Sage these can be easily created in bulk, updating records in the software and audited in timelines.

Credit Control

One of the major downfalls for businesses is cashflow, relying on receiving payments from clients on time to cover outgoings. Our credit control module is available for those who struggle with arrears as it chases up unpaid invoices automatically, based on configurable rules.

Find out more about estate management software for Sage

If you are looking to improve the way you manage your estate complete our contact form for a no-obligation online demonstration of Decorus for Sage or call 0114 2307305.

Decorus in the Cloud

Decorus for Sage is a powerful desktop solution that can be hosted in our cloud servers for flexibility, security and convenience as it allows users to log in to their system 365/24/7 via an internet enabled device.

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