Is Property Management Software in the Cloud right for you?

Where you manage your portfolio is almost as important as how you manage your properties when it comes to the performance of your business.

Software in 2017 is a lot of different to what it used to be and choosing the one best suited to your requirements is essential. It all begins with where it is hosted, there’s more options than ever and it’s all about preference.

The traditional desktop solution is no longer the only choice as technology has improved. The internet has opened up a new world in accessibility, flexibility and value that suits different set-ups and budgets. The desktop-based software is no longer the king, the change has been gradual, it’s not a new concept, it’s just becoming more common.

Desktop solutions are reliable, comprehensive and proven. Like most things that have been around for the long-term, they are tried and tested. Familiarity is a winner for most. Change can be a painful process, stepping into the unknown can be a risk but is it a risk worth taking?

Cloud technology gets a bad reputation. It might have a merky past but everybody makes mistakes. It was once a fearful, vulnerable place where celebrities and their iCloud get hacked but today it’s a safe environment, easily accessible for those intended without a threat.

Although hosting your software on a desktop or in-house network might seem like you are in control, that doesn’t guarantee safety. Data corruption, slow speeds and errors are common in this structure and unlikely to occur in the cloud.

Browser-based solutions are favourable to some but not everybody. They offer flexibility in how, where and when they can be accessed, scalability in terms of functions in a product, number of users and data. The convenience of browser-based allows users to easily log-in and they are becoming the new normal.

If you are still unconvinced with browser-based technology then you can enjoy all the benefits a desktop system offers but hosted in a safe and convenient environment then there is a cloud for you too!

Decorus property software provides landlords, letting agents and property managers a solution to streamline their daily workload, improve performance of properties and financials without adding to the resources.

Implement Decorus the way you want, either on desktop or in the cloud. When you choose to host Decorus in the cloud you will be able to access the software on any PC, laptop or tablet with an internet connection, 365 days a year, 24/7 without data corruption, performance speeds lagging or the need to invest in expensive hardware.

Want to see the benefits Decorus property management software in the cloud offers? Book an online demonstration here or call us on 0114 2307305.
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