Automate your work orders with property maintenance software.

Properties deteriorate. Fact. Letting this happen will play a significant role in the income you expect now and in the future. Fact. Managing this can be time consuming and costly when it isn’t done correctly. Fact.

Fortunately it isn’t all doom and gloom. We have a solution for you!

Decorus is a property maintenance software solution for all kinds of portfolios, adaptable to the way you work and the features built in to the software are there to save you time and deliver a service that doesn’t disappoint.

Maintaining your portfolio requires several processes, whether that is for a faulty boiler or a large project. Should these processes fail to be completed then that small job can escalate into something major and cause damaging effects.

Automation – Doing the job for you!

Software is here to help and the automated workflows throughout Decorus take a lot of the workload from you, especially for maintaining your properties.

From creation to completion - Never miss a trick

Once a work order has been submitted by the tenant it is important that it is dealt with quickly, keeping them happy and the property in-tact. Decorus will not only ensure that this happens, it also ensures that the specific member of staff has the rights to action it, based on configurable user-permission.

The software allows users to add quotations from your trusted contractors and the favoured one can be authorised. A purchase order is automatically created and available to print or attach to an e-mail to be sent directly to the contact.

Once this is all confirmed the date the work is set to take place can be added to the diary which will then automatically alert all parties involved making it easy to monitor the progression, confirm completion and create the supplier invoice which can be updated in the system.

There’s never been an easier solution!

Streamline your workload with Decorus and you, your tenants and your future will benefit. Call us on 0114 2307305 or complete our contact form to book an only demonstration with the only property maintenance software with an accounting engine powered by Sage 50c.

The flexible system is adaptable to you and the way you work, either on your desktop or hosting the software on our cloud servers, offering users the ability to access the system 365/24/7.
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