Does this mean ‘summer’ is finally here? The kids have finished school and we’ve had a couple of scorching hot days, do you wish you weren’t stuck in the office all day? Host your property management software in the cloud so you can get a tan and manage your portfolio.

The sun is shining, a rare occasion in the UK, you should probably make the most of it. Can you afford too?


Working Remotely

There might not be a cloud in the sky but hosting your software in the cloud brings convenience and flexibility to your day-to-day activities.


A New Way of Working

We are no longer glued to our desks in 2016 thanks to technology and the internet. The ‘cloud’ is a server (like the one you have in your office, but located somewhere else) where you can host anything from files and data to software and access them using a remote desktop connection and the internet.


How Can This Benefit You

If your software is on your desktop or a server in the office then you are restricted to working at your desk which means that you can only manage your portfolio during office hours, Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

That is no longer an issue if you are hosting in the cloud you have a flexibility to your day which means that you can enjoy the sun or even take a holiday and not worry that your portfolio and business aren’t being managed correctly, even if you are on a beach on the other side of the world.


Decorus on the Cloud

There are many cloud-based property management software solutions available however, as this technology is relatively new these systems aren’t as powerful as desktop-based solutions like Decorus for Sage.

Decorus is a high-powered end-to-end system with features capable of finding new tenants with marketing functions, creating tenancies, maintaining the properties efficiently whilst its integration with Sage takes care of the financial aspects of your business.

Whether you are planning a short-break or a holiday abroad you can keep check on your business by hosting the software in the cloud so that you won’t need to worry that you have no outstanding maintenance jobs or tenants in arrears.

Managing properties isn’t easy and it is important that you take a break but you don’t need to leave your business behind when you are topping up your tan.


Want to see how Decorus can benefit your business?

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