Snow in April

Creating Service Charge Budgets that cover acts of God

We’ve become accustomed to April showers but April snow, really? You can usually guarantee East Bank Holiday weekend to be a miserable occasion but May Day tends to bring at least some pleasantries even if it fails to deliver temperatures high enough to cause sun stroke. The May Day Bank Holiday 2016 will be remembered as that time winter returned.

There hasn’t been a day this year where you could feel confident leaving the house without a coat, which is quite a concern when spring should have sprung weeks ago. It might make you rethink your wardrobe but it is easy to add an extra layer but when you have to forecast a maintenance budget for buildings, taking in consideration the unpredictable weather over a 12 month period is near impossible.

One of the main challenges management agents face when creating the service charge budgets is the element of surprise.

Forecasting the cost of maintenance over a 12 month period isn’t easy. Experience helps, understanding the structure, layout and location of the building will prove to be beneficial, knowing who occupies the property helps. When the weatherman can’t accurately forecast if it is going to be sunny or rainy tomorrow what chance do you have of knowing if, during a 12 month period there will be a summer of floods, a draught in autumn or snow in spring, never mind a tropical Christmas. The UK rarely saw extremes in weather but in recent years that has changed and we’ve seen damage to many buildings across the country.

We no longer have defined seasons which makes it even tougher to predict the impact that weather can have when trying to maintain buildings, especially those high-rise blocks of flats, vulnerable to wind.

Just when you thought it was safe to pack your coats, hats and gloves away the sudden realisation hit last week that you made a huge mistake as winter returned, in mid-spring. Traditionally the May Day Bank Holiday weekend is the beginning of peak season for holiday destinations and seaside resorts but they were vacant this time. It wasn’t only cold, wet and windy but it snowed too! SNOW!

Ok, maybe the snow was minimal and unlikely to cause damage to buildings this time but the unpredictability of the weather should cause a concern when creating your next service charge budget and sinking fund.

Maintaining property doesn’t come easy and that is why many landlords/freeholders choose management agents to do the job for them.

It might not be able to predict the weather easier but creating an accurate service charge budget with Decorus is much easier. Book an online demonstration today to see how the only property management software solution to integrate seamlessly with Sage can help.
forecasting your service charge budget
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