How can software for student accommodation providers help get A* results for landlords and students?

In just a few months time, teenagers up-and-down the country will know where their futures lay, well, for the next 3 years at least. This isn’t just a chaotic time for university staff, students and their parents but also those providing accommodation too. For the weeks from A-level results day to the start of term to run smoothly it requires a lot of logistical planning.

University accommodation has changed a lot in recent years. This is largely down to the students who have changed too. Since the rise in fees, universities have focused on attracting international students who often come from wealthy backgrounds and expect high-standards in their accommodation, with high-speed internet, gyms and cinemas on-site…

The day that the students have their places confirmed to the day that they move in is relatively short and it can bring up many surprises. Often, only experience can prepare for this but software can help too.

For the majority of first year students this will be their first time living away from home so it is important that this transition is as smooth as possible. Providing accommodation for students, particularly first years is unlike the usual roles as a landlord as you will often nurture your tenants, helping them to settle in as quickly as possible.

In most cases, as a provider of student accommodation you will be playing a part in their future, if they are settled, not distracted by poor living conditions or rent so high that they can’t afford to eat then they have a better chance of achieving better results which has knock-on effects.

Students talk to other students, if they have a bad experience, they won’t be keeping it quiet so don’t expect to be inundated with enquiries if you don’t fix the boiler in November leaving your tenants freezing. Good news travels fast too, give your tenants a memorable experience and you will be rewarded with recommendations. Universities are judged on success, helping students by providing the best experience in accommodation will help them study better which will then attract more students to the university, more people wanting accommodation, more opportunities to increase revenue.

Although international students look for hi-spec in-terms of accommodation, UK students are happy with the basics to suit their budgets. This makes providing accommodation for students much cheaper than a family or professionals who expect high quality furnishings and service on-demand.

The downfall to providing accommodation for students is that you are catering on-mass. The majority move in and out on the same weekends which requires a lot of data entry and top level co-ordination in terms of management. With software that specialise in managing student accommodation you can streamline the administration by consolidating tasks. With Decorus you can create tenancies generated for term times, manage your portfolio and financials in one solution and work on the go with our cloud servers.

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