Decorus for Sage is available in the cloud for convenience, safety and value.

Software for any business is implemented as an efficient solution, the last thing you want is for your hardware to let you down. Investing time and money can be hugely wasteful if you have to put up with a slow or failing system when you are trying to manage your portfolio on your desktop computers. Hiring an IT team or updating hardware can be an expensive and a disruptive exercise.

As technology has evolved we are now gifted with more opportunities to improve the way we work. Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular as cost is minimised whilst the user-experience is enhanced.

Despite this, cloud-based systems often lack the sophistication that we have come to expect in the traditional format, desktop-based. We have a solution that offers the best of both worlds, Decorus for Sage in the cloud, a desktop-based product, hosted in the cloud.

Our cloud servers give Decorus users access to a highly functioning property management solution on their terms. Cloud technology offers a fresh approach to software and freedom in numerous ways.

Accessible on any internet enabled device means that users don’t need to be sat at their office desk 9 to 5 to manage their portfolio. This flexibility is particularly helpful when you are out onsite or find yourself and your tenants availability clash.

It isn’t just about the new opportunities that the cloud has given, the stability and security in software is highly beneficial too. Working with software in the cloud eliminates data corruption, slow speeds and errors. It is also easier for data to be shared between colleagues whilst your accountant can view your financials in Sage, also hosted in our cloud servers.

If your looking for a safe and secure software solution to manage your properties in the cloud then Decorus for Sage is the system for you. With packages for landlords, letting agents and management agents for estates and blocks, Decorus comes with the features to simplify the most challenging portfolios.

Our servers are available for current Decorus users and new customers. Complete our contact form or call us on 0114 2307305 to discuss this further.
Property MGMT software in the Cloud
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