Time is hard to come-by for property managers on all levels. Using property lettings software will streamline your workload so that you can use your time as efficiently as possible but sometimes there is another solution out there which can make the user experience even better.
GoCardless is an online direct debit collection service which minimises the often relentless amount of paperwork and admin duties required to take full advantage out of the most convenient payment method for both the supplier and customer.

Collecting money can be a drawn out process, especially when that payment is rent which is due on a monthly basis. It isn’t just you who suffers, although internet banking has made making payments easier, the tenant still holds responsibilities. Setting up Direct Debits takes away their need to remember to pay as, after the initial set-up, money leaves their account and goes straight into yours on a date agreed every month. This will help your cash flow as you know when money is going to be in your account.

The only downside to Direct Debits is the amount of work required when setting up through the bank. GoCardless have created the perfect solution as this can be done online, through their website and once it is done, it is done but the best bit is that GoCardless integrates with Sage 50.

This works in a similar way to how Decorus shares a seamless link to the accounting package as financial information entered in one solution will update the others in real-time. More hours will be saved with bulk invoicing and chasing up payments.

When you are struggling to find time it is important that you use yours in the most efficient way. Complete our contact form to discover how our property lettings software can help get the most out of your day with an online presentation. 
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