Do you find processing Direct Debits a time-consuming process?
GoCardless are the number one provider for UK businesses looking for a solution to simplify the procedure which can take a long time when dealing with a large customer base, draining productivity.

Decors for Sage isn’t your average property management software package, it integrates seamlessly with Sage, the number one accountancy software in the UK. The same goes for GoCardless who have an add-on that collects Direct Debit payments using data from Sage 50, saving account manager’s hours of administrative work.

How does this benefit Decorus users?

As both Decorus and GoCardless have true 2-way links with Sage, activities in any of the three systems get updated instantly. This minimises data entry, simplifies cash flow management and reduces the amount of late paying customers.

GoCardless customers have found that using their software to collect Direct Debit payments has minimised accounting time by 80% and seen a 30% decrease in the number of debtor days as the software takes on a lot of the workload which previously would have been entered manually.

Direct Debit is the most efficient way to collect payment from customers and it benefits both parties. The customer no longer needs to make payments themselves as the money is taken directly from their bank account on an agreed date whilst the business is control of when payment is received, no invoicing required and the initial set-up couldn’t be simpler as it is completed online without paperwork or bank notifications.

Sage is the number one accountancy package in the UK with over 800,000 businesses benefiting from the tried and trusted systems whilst over 90% of accountants recognise the format. Decorus is the only property management software solution with a true 2-way integration to Sage.

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Invoice Direct Debit Payments with GoCardless
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