We all love a good debate, throwing opinions out like they’re facts and when it comes to software, there hasn’t been one quite like cloud v desktop for a while, which has been shifting as technology evolves. Like any software made prior to the last 5 years, property management software has historically been desktop-based. The cloud-connected property management software has been on the steady rise due the resistance for change.

Is the grass always greener on the other side?

Obviously, this is personal preference however, technology is changing this. There’s still benefits for using software solutions on the desktop, they are generally more powerful have an infrastructure suitable for large businesses with complicated processes. The downside to this is hardware can struggle to handle this and upgrades can be costly. Also, working on desktop-based platforms isn’t the most secure way to do business, with the introduction of GDPR it is essential that you handle your clients data as safely as possible, can you guarantee this?

Moving on to cloud-connected devices’ can be disruptive. Changing processes and systems can be daunting for any businesses but you need to look past the initial fear and see the long-term benefits which will be felt across the whole business and the service you provide.

You need to dismiss the previous views on the cloud as technology has moved on a lot since stories that hit the headlines such as hackings, data loss and performance issues. Working with a cloud-connected solution back-ups up your data in a safe location, ensuring that you can work with a piece of mind that your data is in a secure environment.

As technology has progressed so has performance. The cloud servers that host the software are now powerful enough to work on your system as you would on your desktop. As your data and system are hosted in an environment accessible for multiple users from anywhere with an internet connection allowing your team to work as efficiently as possible as they can log in and work away from the office.

Decorus for Sage is a powerful cloud-connected property management software solution, giving users the tools to work with confidence.

We’ve created a 5 minute guide high-lighting the pro’s & con’s of desktop software v cloud-connected software which can be downloaded here.

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