Is Decorus property manager software accessible in the cloud?
In 2015 many businesses are moving away from the traditional option when investing in new software, choosing packages hosted in the cloud or the SaaS (Service as a Software) instead.

Over the past year we have noticed not only a rise in requests for ‘cloud-based’ solutions but also the amount of providers has grown dramatically too but how do they compete with the desktop version?

The cloud is a cheap solution. MYTH

Desktop-based solutions are dead. MYTH

Migrate now or never. MYTH

The stability of desktop-based solutions suit some companies whilst others find the flexibility of cloud-hosted software the key to success.


Desktop packages have been around for years, they have had time to mature and grow, they have the capacity to deal with complex scenarios. Cloud-based software is still relatively new and it is advancing quickly, what was ground-breaking a year ago is now basic and in a years’ time they will be able to handle even more.


Generally, desktop software is paid for upfront and once that payment is complete you own the software, some packages offer support for a monthly fee but these tend to be optional. Cloud solutions have lower or sometimes no set-up fee but monthly costs are higher which can add up overtime.

Although technology is constantly improving the thought of putting your faith 100% in cloud might feel risky and there is an option for you too. It is possible to host some desktop-based packages in the cloud, giving flexibility and reliability.


There have been many scare stories that the cloud is a risky place to store data and when your dealing with your clients personal details there is reason to be concerned about trust but this is mostly a myth and like with the technology in cloud constantly improving, so is the security.

Why invest in Decorus?

Although Decorus for Sage is a desktop-based solution there is the option to host it in the Cloud through a third party, allowing you and your team to log in when they want, where ever they want, all that is required in connection to the internet.

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Host Property Manager Software in the Cloud
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