Why do you need Social Housing Software?

Providing housing for the social sector is getting harder. Are you struggling to deal with increases in demand? Who is paying the price for budget cuts? You or your tenants?

There isn’t a magic solution to this but working with a system that takes a lot of the strain away from your resources, the benefits have a knock-on effect throughout the business, residents and the service you provide.

Software for Social Housing is here for the whole sector, including housing associations, councils, trusts, partners, landlords and letting agents. We understand your pains and we know that every business is different. Our software has been built to be adaptable.

Businesses may vary but the goals are all the same. Provide the best service possible and increase income opportunities.


Emergency Housing

Providing emergency housing can bring many challenges, from housing the applicant to invoicing the council. When both resources and funding are limited it is essential that these tasks are dealt with minimal effort.

Applicant matching in Decorus is quick and easy. Simply record the requirements of the applicant and house them in any available property that matches their needs. This doesn’t just reduce your waiting list and provide a better service, it means that you can start collecting rent sooner. With more income, you’ll have more opportunities.

The next issue comes with invoicing. It’s hard enough collecting rent on a monthly basis; invoicing councils with nightly fees can not only bring complications, it can be time-consuming too. With Decorus the hard work is done for you.


Guaranteed Income

To ease the housing crisis many housing associations have acquired properties on a guaranteed income basis. This helps all 3 parties (housing associations, tenants, landlords). With more properties in their portfolio, housing associations have more money to reinvest in more services. Tenants will benefit from more properties available as they can be housed to a suitable property quicker and with less demand, rent is lower. For landlords, guaranteed income means that they don’t need to worry about finding tenants themselves.

Although having more properties is a benefit, there is a pressure to have them occupied. It also means that budgets need to be managed carefully as housing associations have to commit to paying the landlord.

With Decorus you have a system that comes with tools to help occupy properties with minimal effort whilst its financial features give you real-time data.



In all areas of property management, maintenance is key to the future. People don’t want to live in poorly maintained properties and over time their value will drop. The frequent change in tenants can be disruptive on any building and wear and tear builds up.

With a system that helps you keep on track of your properties’ maintenance work you won’t need to worry about your portfolio aging.



Providing great customer service is key for any business. When you are dealing with tenants in the social sector you will find that you have to offer more. To do this effectively, resources can be drained which has a knock-on effect.

Decorus for Sage is a multi-purpose property management solution that streamlines the administrative work, allowing time and resources to focus on what really matters, your tenants.


Find out if Decorus is the right solution for you with an online demonstration. Call us on 0114 2307305 or complete our contact form to discuss your options. 
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