5 Ways Property Management Software in the Cloud can help you and benefit your clients.

You, your landlords, tenants and suppliers can now access Decorus for Sage remotely with Decorus Online.

New technology brings convenience to the ways we work. There’s many benefits to using cloud-based products.


1. Save on in-house resources

We live in an on-demand culture, the internet has given us access to pretty much everything at the touch of a button. Whether it’s TV or news, your clients expect it from you too. Giving them the ability to view relevant information, such as agreements or statements will save you time as they’ll no longer be phoning your office and requesting documents to be sent.

2. Out of Office

Time is your most valuable asset, it’s essential that it is used to its fullest. Spending time away from your desk doesn’t mean that you are away from your work. As long as you have access to the internet you can view data wherever you are, on-site, commuting or working from home.

3. Improve client relations

When you are using your time and resources more efficiently you will not only be able to provide clients with information when they want it but you will also be able to deliver a better customer service too!

4. Access your data on any device 24/7/365

Your desktop computers are the engine to your workforce. They are capable of many great things but they aren’t the most convenient tool. The cloud offers freedom and flexibility to the way we live and work as data can be accessed on table and mobile devices.

5. Competitive advantage

When your opening hours are 9 to 5 there is a conflict with your clients availability too but giving them access around the clock will help you stand out from your competitors.


Decorus for Sage is now accessible in the cloud with Decorus Online, a web-based portal for users, landlords, tenants & suppliers. To celebrate the launch of the new addition to Decorus we are offering a 3 month free trial!

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