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Has your phone rung this week? Don’t worry, it isn’t broken. We have reached the middle of the quietest week for many business, across most industries as the holiday season peaks. The weather might be rubbish but this is August and most people are enjoying a break.

Instead of worrying about the lack of enquiries or dreaming of sunning yourself in warmer countries, use your spare time to prepare for autumn, a traditionally busy period in the property market. 2015 has been a funny year for the industry which on one hand suffered with uncertainty from the General Election whilst demand outweighed supply pushing prices up for both buyers and renters.

Prepare Now or Fail Later

If you’ve made it this far then the rest of the year should be a breeze, in fact, autumn could be the busiest period for a long time as a government has been chosen, the holidays have been and gone and confidence in the economy is back, the only way you could lose out is if you fail to prepare.

Whether you are new to the industry or well established, if you don’t use rental home software you probably don’t realise the benefits it can bring. A package such as Decorus for Sage will not only help the users, your business, customers and accountant will be rewarded too and what better time to get going than now, the calm before the storm.

Streamline Your Workload

Decorus is a flexible solution with editions suitable for landlords, letting agents and block managers looking to streamline their workload. Ideally you want to be spending time with your clients, ensuring your properties are up-to-scratch and growing your business but unfortunately managing property involves a lot of administrative duties.

How can you spend time providing a high-quality service when you have piles of paperwork to complete never mind monitoring your financials?

The Only Sophisticated Property Management Software Solution to Integrate Seamlessly with Sage

What Decorus offers is a solution which minimises your workload. Its integration with Sage not only reduces data entry duties as information is fed immediately to the accounting package but it is delivered in a format recognised by over 90% of accountants as well as offering in-depth analysis and reports. This will help increase the ROI of your portfolio, save time, spend less on accountancy fees and improve efficiency within the team.

A Cost-Effect Member of Your Team

The software also helps users manage time better with the office diary and the advanced CRM whilst the data feed is the quick and easy way to market properties online. The less time a property is vacant, the more money is coming in. The less time spent on administrative duties the more time you have to prepare for the autumn rush and provide a valuable service which will take your business to the next level.

Contact us to see how our rental home software can help grow your business in the coming months and beyond.


Decorus for Sage is desktop based solution which can be honest in the cloud.
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