Do you provide value for money? Are you being outpriced by the new wave of competitors doing their business online? Residential property management software for Sage can help you work more cost-efficiently.
There is a growing trend battling against the letting agent and that is those who solely work online. You might have your branch, your local notoriety, knowledge and presence but you also have your bills to pay.

How do you cover your costs?

Your customers.

But how do you compete when they can charge a fraction of the fees that you do?

The likes of Purplebricks might undercut you on price but do they provide a service that warrants the fees they charge.

How do you compete?

Using residential property management software will help you work more efficiently, using your time better can allow you to provide a personal service that online only agents can’t possibly do.

Foxtons, who mostly work in the capital charge the highest fees but claim to deliver a ‘premium service’ which they have faced criticism in recent years. Since Barclays queried how they can justify charging so much more than the online agents Foxtons have seen their share prices drop two days running.

Foxtons don’t look like your everyday agent, they don’t run like one either. If their fees are so much more than the competitions then how do they still gain more business and continue to grow (5 to 7 new branches a year)? Because they use their time efficiently, cater for their clients needs and get the job done to the highest standard.

If you are looking to show why you are worth your fees but currently have no more time to offer complete our contact form to arrange a presentation of our residential property management software.
Be Efficient with Residential Property Management Software
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