To be a thriving business it is important that you understand the latest marketing tools, use time more efficiently with the best property management software for Sage.

If you find that you don’t have enough hours in the day to learn about the new ways of marketing due to administrative duties, having a solution in place will free up time to discover the opportunities that social media can bring.

Winning with social media isn’t easy but losing can be. Rarely a day goes by when a company or brand doesn’t makes the news with a social media gaff. An ill-timed tweet or an inappropriate Instagram post can cost a business dearly, a reputation ruined, potential income damaged or a job loss in less than 140 characters.

This morning’s Metro chose to take a different angle on current affairs. Whilst the front page of many of the national papers reported on the Greek financial crisis or the 10 year anniversary of the 7/7 bombings, the Metro decided their headline would focus on a tweet. Twitter has become a major source for journalists in recent years as an unplanned statement can be seen and mocked by potentially millions in a matter of seconds. Once it is out there, there is no going back, even if it is swiftly removed.

Football isn’t the most ethical of cultures, the Fifa scandal confirmed that and the FA (the Football Association in England) don’t have the greatest reputation. They turned what should have been a celebration into ridicule following the success of England’s ladies football team who have out-done expectations in the World Cup by finishing third this weekend. It has given the ladies side of the sport a great spotlight.

As the team arrived back in the country the FA sent this tweet which was quickly deleted but it had already been seen, shared and mocked as an outdated and sexist statement.

the fa tweet
The FA are a huge organisation, they probably have teams of social media staff writing and creating content for their 1.34 million followers on Twitter as well as the other social platforms, they fine and ban players for their social media ramblings yet they still manage to make mistakes.

Social media brings many opportunities, Facebook and Twitter are great for brand awareness and sharing relevant, engaging content when done properly. Showing off your portfolio can be taken to the next level by being creative with photo sharing platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Reaching out to new customers has never been so simple.

The opportunities online are endless but they do require time, planning and understanding. Using a package like Decorus, the best property management software solution for Sage users will minimise those time consuming administrative tasks, freeing up time which can be spent gaining new followers, creating more interesting and shareable content and resulting in your online presence growing, along with your income.

It isn’t just about sharing funny videos or holiday snaps, it can be a great marketing and PR tool too. Minimise your administrative workload and master social media marketing, book an on-site or online presentation for the best property management software by completing our contact form or call 01142 307305. 

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