Being a landlord isn’t what it used to be. 

The role of a landlord is far more complex than it once was. The days of buying property, finding tenants and collecting rents are long gone. Complying with rules and regulations is now mandatory, protecting the landlord as much as the tenants. This obviously means that there is plenty of paperwork to complete.

There are solutions out there, specifically developed for landlords who find they are spending more time behind the desk than they had initially hoped. There’s a wide choice with options catering for those with a handful of properties to others which have been created to ease the management duties involved with the larger portfolios.

Just some of the tasks on the landlord to-do list include tenant relations, keeping on top of the latest regulations and finding the best value tradesmen who tick all the right boxes. Having a system in place that can condense these rituals will free up many hours, allowing more time to be spent away from the desk and with clients and properties, providing a better service which will bring more revenue in return.

Having a strong relationship with your tenants is essential for landlords as they are not only your livelihood but they also live in your properties. Keeping them happy will make your life easier and will ensure that your properties are kept in good working order. The last thing you want is for them to leave the property in a poor condition or put off telling you about a faulty boiler until it becomes unrepairable. Those things can be costly!

However much you love managing properties and your tenants it is important to remember that you are running a business. You put all of the time and effort in to be rewarded financially. Some people are good with managing money, others not so. With aid from a property management software package, monitoring bank accounts couldn’t be easier. You have no excuse for not keeping your financials healthy, especially with Decorus which integrates seamlessly with Sage, linking your data to a format recognised by over 90% of accountants. The Sage links draws even more benefits including instant profit and loss reports and forecasting.

With your to-do list minimised you will see the benefits instantly.

Be a better landlord, be rewarded with better tenants.

Decorus for Sage is perfect for a landlord looking for a cost-effect solution. For more information complete our contact form or call 0114 2307305.

Improve Landlord services with Decorus for Sage
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