Software for management agents will streamline the amount of manual processes required.

 Why spend time with productivity damaging tasks when there are software solutions available to work for you.

Time is a valuable asset in any workforce, it is important that it is used as efficiently as possible and the functions in Decorus for Sage are included to do this. When you have a system that works for you its automated settings can be created around the way you work.

The number one priority for management agents is to ensure properties are well maintained so that they remain valuable for the owners whilst providing a service that the occupiers expect. Doing this can be workload intensive as you must liaise with the owner, the occupiers and suppliers you want to do this job.



The CRM in Decorus provides a database developed to house information which links your portfolio and clients together. Maintenance can be costly exercise, finding the right people to do the job, who are reliable isn’t as easy as you’d hope. By building up relations with tradesmen and suppliers, then logging their details in the database won’t only make it easier to complete any work order requested but it becomes more cost-effective too.


Recycle your time

Once all your portfolio information is logged in Decorus you will be able to work in a more organised manner, giving you more time to provide a better service for your clients. When you please your existing clients it is easier to get more business, which will give you more work. You might worry that you won’t be able to cope with the additional workload without adding to your workload but if you use Decorus to its fullest you will be able to cope with the additional work.



There are a number of tools in Decorus which will help to minimise the amount of manual work required. The office diary, which syncs with MS Outlook isn’t just a great place to schedule in meetings and automatically invite attendees, you can also create alerts for expirations (contracts, policies, health & safety) and property inspections. With the Paperless integration rules can be created so that workflows can be set-up once and completed automatically. There won’t be any need to worry about any communication break-downs either as an audit trial is taken.

Sidekick will run in the background too, continually updating e-mails, alerts and data back-ups even during non-working hours.


Managing your financials

Many business owners don’t enjoy the financials aspects despite it being one of the most important roles. Without careful management of finances businesses can fail but Decorus integrates with Sage 50 to make it easier.

Financial data entered in Decorus automatically feeds into Sage, a format recognised by over 90% of accountants without any additional work required, reducing time spent on data entry and saving on accountancy fees. This also offers reporting including profit and loss, giving users a snapshot view of how cost-effective the portfolio is being managed.


Grow your business, not your to-do list with Decorus for Sage. Book an online demonstration of software for management agents today.
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