The number of people requiring emergency housing is continuing to grow. Do you have the resources & budget to continue to deliver the service required?

When demand outweighs supply, allocating applicants to a suitable property quickly isn’t as easy as it should be. You aren’t just providing a service for those in need, you are dealing with the council & a community too.

Cut down the time spent behind a desk

Data entry is time-consuming and counter-productive. Do you really want to spend time at your computer when you could be providing care on a more personal level?

Set-up a system that makes it easy to match applicants with available accommodation

If you find yourself inundated with applicants (like most social housing providers are) it can be easy to lose track. With the ability to match their requirements, suitable to properties in your portfolio, you’ll have a smaller waiting list and more income available to reinvest.

Understand your cash flow to budget for the future

With funding cuts it is vital that you use your budget wisely. When you know your incomings and outgoings, based an actual figures you will be able to plan ahead and know where your money is best invested.

Automate your processes

The advancement in technology offers automated functions, allowing you to let the software work for you, helping you focus on what you need to do and feel confident in a system that takes care of the monotonous tasks.

Centralise all data related to your portfolio in one system

You’ll have an extensive phone book when dealing with many applicants, tenants, suppliers and councils which can easily become unorganised. By logging all contact information in a purpose-built database you will be able to work more efficiently.


If you find yourself short of time, funding or the ability to cater for vulnerable tenants, Decorus for Sage is the solution for your pains. From its office diary to the ability to generate nightly invoices with ease. Providing emergency accommodation has never been so efficient!

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Provide Emergency Accommodation
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