Accounting for property management is easiest with Sage and its add-ons.

Whether you are a landlord, letting agent or manage blocks you will have felt the same pains that every business feels and that is the complications of invoicing and receiving money for your services.

Why does it have to take so long?

You have delivered on time, what is the hold up?

Sometimes people miss deadlines. Sometimes it is human error, sometimes laziness and sometimes people are just rude. Making the payment process as easy as possible for both parties is one step closer to paying on time and Sage have a solution, SagePay which is a win-win for Decorus users.

Like Decorus, SagePay integrates with Sage 50 too. This means that the payment process, which can be used online, over the phone or in person uses the data from your accounts package and automatically updates too, which then updates in Decorus too.

SagePay is used by thousands of businesses around the world every day, aided by the robust accounts engine. This reliable service has been created with Sage users in mind and advancements in technology make the service even more convenient. The internet is becoming more and more important for businesses and with e-mails readily available almost anywhere thanks to the smart phone phenomenon. The e-invoice features from SagePay can see payments cleared much quicker as a ‘pay now’ link can be attached to the invoice in e-mails and the client can make them payment directly using PayPal or credit/debit card.

Save time invoicing and make it easier for your clients with SagePay.

Want to see the many other benefits that Decorus for Sage can bring to your business?

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Accounting for Property Management with SagePay
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