Let Paperless take care of your financial transactions and accounting for property management services will be simplified.

Decorus for Sage is a solution developed to ease the administrative tasks of managing property portfolios and the integration with Sage minimises the amount of data entry required. Users of our software find their workload significantly reduced, allowing them to grow their business.

The larger your portfolio, the more financial transactions need to be processed, if this isn’t dealt with efficiently or in an organised way problems can arise and time is wasted .

Whether you are a landlord, letting agent or a block management company you will no doubt find your office cluttered with important paperwork relating to financials which can be easily lost, damaged or forgotten about.

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We have teamed up with Paperless to help organise users managing their transactions. Paperless originates from Norway and they have been developing business solutions since 1997. Their package takes automated payment processes to the next level and it integrates with Sage which makes this partnership ideal for users looking to work more productively.

From receiving invoices (paper or e-mail) to them being processed a workflow can be created, specific to your requirements. It all begins with the invoice recognition tools which has a 90% success rate. Simply scan into to the software and from then on it is a hands-off approach as it follows the workflow which you have created, this can take the invoice to the correct person to sign off whilst the owner of the invoice will be regularly updated on the progress of the report until it is completed.

An audit trail is created from the beginning, this helps to make the transaction easy to find and follow whilst Paperless can be accessed through a web browser so information can be easily shared. The integration with Sage will update your financials there too and that means that matching records in Decorus are kept up to date with minimal manual work.

If you are looking for a hands-off approach to managing your accounts whilst being felt assured that it is being dealt with on-time, to a schedule then contact Paperless for more information on their product.

Book a demonstration to see how Decorus can organise accounting for property management and the benefits it brings to your team and customers. 

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