This year as a property manager my New Years’ Resolution is…

  • Earn More Money

  • Grow My Business

  • Improve Cash flow

Don’t we all, right? Sounds great! If it was that easy we wouldn’t be stressing over paying bills and attracting sales. What your New Years’ Resolution should be for 2016 is to implement accountancy software for property managers.

Happy New Year! Welcome to January, the month for fresh starts and new beginnings.

Have you made any New Years’ Resolution? We are into the 6th day, have you cancelled your gym membership, given up on your diet or started drinking again yet? January is a tough month, the party season has ended, the weather is rubbish, it’s the perfect time to plan for the year ahead in business.

2015 was a challenging year in the property industry as the election stalled the market before the new government brought in legislations that haven’t helped matters and the repercussions of those changes plus the lack of affordable housing will be felt even more in the coming twelve months.

Whether you are a landlord, a letting agent or a property manager, any business owner in fact, it is important that you manage your financials carefully. It isn’t something a lot of people like doing, they start a business because they enjoy a certain industry (you are probably highly enthusiastic, knowledgeable and experienced in property) but forget about the other aspects required. A business that isn’t managing its financials carefully won’t be in business for long.

How do you go about this?

A good place to start is with software. Sage, Xero and Clearbooks are the most popular solutions in the UK. They all have different individual packages suited to different sized companies available for desktops or hosted in the cloud.

Sage has been developing accounting solutions since 1981 and as technology has evolved so has its packages and it’s that forward-thinking attitude which has rewarded them with loyalty. Over 90% of accountants are familiar with the Sage format.

If you choose to monitor your financials with Sage then managing your properties with Decorus makes it easier. Decorus is the only property management software package catering for landlords, letting agents and block managers to integrate seamlessly with Sage. The benefits of this unique feature are that data entered into one of the packages automatically feeds through to the other, this not only saves time with data entry but it also allows users to access in-depth financial information effortlessly. This includes profit and loss reports against individual properties or blocks to ensure that your portfolio is being managed as economically as possible. It also allows users to create budgets, invoice in-bulk and links with SagePay.

Decorus is a high-end property management solution which comes equipped with features that streamlines the administrative workload dramatically. From marketing tools such as the portal feed to maintenance functions that allow work orders to be monitored with ease allow users to spend less time behind a desk and more time to grow the business and if the financial side has been managed correctly then there will be the capital available to do so. You will be ending the year with a company in a much better state than it was at the start.

If you want to begin 2017 without having to worry about balancing your books then make it your New Years’ Resolution this January to implement accountancy software for property managers. Contact us today to request an online demonstration of Decorus for Sage. 
Accountancy Software for Property Managers
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