How well do you know your clients? Can you remember your first conversation with them?
These aren’t trick questions. When your portfolio is large it isn’t easy to offer a personal service to your clients, there just isn’t enough time in the day to do so. However, it is important to try and maintain a close relationship with them, for your sake as much as theirs. Despite your best efforts it’s highly unlikely that you will remember every agreement and meeting never mind the quick phone calls and chats.

Decorus for Sage not only reduces the manual admin tasks involved in property management, allowing more time to be spent with your clientele but it also comes with a timeline to document every communication be it a telephone conversation, an email or text message these will all be linked automatically to the tenancy, saved to the timeline and available to view throughout the whole of the tenancy or lease.

When you are taking phone messages, post-it notes might be like the most convenient place to log important information but their stickiness doesn’t last forever. It is just as easy to update your accounts on Decorus where it won’t be accidently thrown in the bin during an office tidy up and you will be able to locate it easily. Ok, maybe not as easy as the phone number you scribbled on your hand whilst you were out on site but it will definitely be more readable!

The timeline offers a structured platform for your note-taking, viewable in one screen shot, bringing more perks along the way as you can monitor tenancies quickly, jogging your memory on those important handshakes, it is also useful to flag up behaviour patterns (serial complainers) and link notes to documents stored in the software

Tenancies and leases can last years, agreements can remain untouched. This feature is your memory, diary, journal and filing system all-in-one. You will have no excuse if you forget to book that engineer to fix the boiler and you will have proof when an issue comes up regarding a historic agreement. Decorus has your back, as long as you treat it right you’ll be able to offer a better service!

For more information on how Decorus for Sage can keep you and your business more organised please complete our contact form or talk to one of the team on 0114 2307305. 
Monitor Tenancies Easily in the Timeline
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