Are you a block management company who struggle to monitor your portfolio efficiently? 
Providing a cost-effective service that keeps leaseholders happy is essential to ensure you remain in business.

Here are five tips on how Decorus for Sage can help you maintain high standards without it affecting profit margins.

1.       Communication

Managing property, whatever the size of the portfolio should be delivered like a personal service for every client. It can be time-consuming but if you want to keep that contract then taking that time is what you need to do. However, with its automated features Decorus allows some communication to be delivered with little effort.

If you can keep relationships with your clients strong and familiar they will not only be more likely to keep working with you but also refer you to others, allowing your business to expand.


2.       Organisation

Time management is important in any industry and property management is no different. If you can organise your time better you will find that your relationships with clients strengthens. The office diary will bring structure to your team as it shows who is where and at what time, reducing the likelihood of double booking. It comes across unprofessional when you attend meeting late or have to cancel due to diary issues.

Create rules so that when a meeting has been arranged the attendees receive invites via e-mail/SMS message automatically, freeing up even more time.


3.       Work Orders

One of the main duties in block management is maintaining the properties, with Decorus for Sage you no longer need to worry about creating a system for monitoring this. When a client requests a work order there is a procedure in place to book it in, budget and monitor it, ensuring that it has been completed as promised and the client is happy.


4.       Value for Money
It is all about giving value for your money when it comes to managing blocks and budgeting for service charge can be tricky. You don’t want to under charge and find yourself unable to complete a job as the funds have all gone, nor do you want to charge too much and put them off.

Luckily Decorus can do this for you, forecasting future costs allows you to budget as accurately as possible, pleasing your clients as you deliver the service you promised.


5.       Reports

The most efficient way to earn money is through repeat business. To continue impressing your clients the user-defined views and filters allow detailed analysis and reporting, guaranteed to show that you are giving great service at a high-stanard. These can also help to win-over new clients too!

The reports aren’t just good to show to your clients but they can help your own performance, highlighting what you have achieved, what needs to be improved and how you are working within your budget.

To find out how Decorus for Sage, the only property management software with true 2-way integration with Sage can work for you complete our online contact form or speak to a member of staff on 0114 2307305.

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