Use e-sign software to improve the service you provide.

Are you looking for new ways to save time on closing deals? Decorus for Sage has teamed up with RMail e-sign software to provide a quick and efficient solution for processing legal documents. The faster you can process tenancies, the sooner you can start collecting rent.

Here are 5 benefits to embrace e-sign software.


1. Completing Processes Faster

Completing the move-in process via secure e-mail avoids time and resources being wasted. Printing documents, making trips to the post box, waiting for them to be returned or arrange meetings can be frustrating and see a loss in potential business.

2. Growing Your Business

With money in your bank sooner, cash flow will be stronger allowing you to expand your business, whether that is in resources or assets.

3. Competitive Advantage

Being the fastest doesn’t just mean that you will close your own deals faster, it gives you an advantage over your competitors, it’s a selling point for wooing new clients and you will have more time to offer a better service.

4. Non-disclosure Agreements

RMail use encrypted securty to ensure e-mails are delivered to the correct recipient, helping to abide by data protection laws.

5. Time Saving Technology

It couldn’t be simpler to use and the results are instant. Attach tenancies to e-mail, track delivery in a real-time audit trial, and give the receiver the opportunity to sign the contract at their convenience online will see completion dates happen much sooner than they would without e-sign software.


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