As winter blends in to spring it is almost time to ring in the new financial year, a daunting time for many businesses but prepare well and 2015 will be a breeze.
Decorus for Sage has the features that will not only remove stress from the financial side of property management but it can save time, money and effort too, which, in-turn improves productivity.

1.       Integrates with Sage

Having your accounts formatted in Sage will help your profit margins as it is highly likely that your accountant is familiar with the format, which means their work time is minimised, leaving you with less fees to pay and a happy accountant. Win-win. This financial year will be stress free if this relationship continues.

Decorus’ links with Sage are unique. They happen in real-time, data appears in both Decorus and Sage simultaneously. No double entry required. Profit and loss reports are instantly available. Why settle for anything less?  

2.       Budgeting

‘The budget’ is something we all have to deal with, from the chancellor determining how the country goes about spending to our personal lives. A weekly food shop could end disastrously if a budget hadn’t already been in-mind before entering the supermarket. Understanding value is vital for everything and everybody yet we all have our own valuations, some people are content with spending £5 for something that their neighbour happily bought for half the price, value tends to be determined by your budget and expectations.

In property management, budgeting to offer the best possible service for your clients is essential to keep them loyal. Whether you work with high-end customers or clients raiding their money box to make payments, they all have expectations and it is important that you deliver what you stated in your quote to keep them happy.

3.       Credit Control

The number one killer for businesses is the damaging rise of bad debts. Companies are constantly going out of business due to late payers, with Decorus for Sage’s additional module this is unlikely to happen.

Monitor your financials closely, ensure your cash flow is strong and create automated rules to contact clients who missed their payment deadlines ASAP. You want the money owed to you in your bank account as quickly as possible, not only because it is your money but you have bills to pay too. You don’t want to find yourself short because of somebody else’s error making you enable to pay your bills, receive fines, before you know it, it gets out of hand and you become a victim. With the Credit Control module you will no longer find yourself wasting time chasing those late payers and you can instantly see the state of your accounts.


Decorus for Sage can help 2015 to be your most successful to date. To find out more on how the only property management software package with true 2-way integration to Sage can help you complete our online contact form or call 0114 2307305.

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