Service Charge Management Software

Calculate service charge budgets accurately and efficiently with the additional module for landlords and letting agents.

Landlords and letting agents face many challenges when providing management on their properties however, the additional block management and service charge modules are available to streamline the workload and provide the tools to do it more economically.

Managing blocks of flats, offices, or estates on behalf of a landlord/freeholder can be complex as it is the tenants and leaseholder who you need to please, otherwise they might file for RTM. This is where calculating and forecasting service charge budgets is important as the occupiers want value-for-money.

Service charge budgets cover the maintenance work on the communal areas within and the surrounding areas of a property over an agreed time period. This can include, lift maintenance, gardening, insurance and the wear and tear of the property. This regular work is usually straight forward to budget for, especially with experience. Working out a fair way to charge the occupiers can be a challenge but the service charge module does the split costing for you.

Creating the budget gets complicated when you have to consider unpredictable maintenance work such as weather related issues, again experience can help do this but using Decorus and the tools it comes with to the fullest will help you work more efficiently so that have time to prepare for the unexpected.

The software comes with a CRM developed to log details for the blocks, properties, tenants and leaseholders in your portfolio including account and financial information. This all links together to help users work more economically.

The unique integration with Sage brings many benefits too. Users can create invoices with ease, either individually or in bulk, adaptable to your requirements, including mark-ups and split costing. As a landlord or letting agent you probably understand how profitable your portfolio is being managed but offering a new service such as property management can be more challenging. The Sage link makes it easy to generate profit and loss reports across your portfolio to check that you are working as economically as possible.

Managing and monitoring large portfolios can be complex, especially from a desk. Host Decorus for Sage in the cloud and you will be able to update your records on the go so that you will be using your time as efficiently as possible and retain the contracts that you have.

Book an online demonstration to see how you can forecast service charge budgets accurately.

This add on is compatible with the following


Letting Agents

Property Managers

This add on is compatible with the following


Letting Agents

Property Managers



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