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Decorus is the only premium property management software package with a true 2-way integration to Sage, a format recognised by over 90% of accountants.

Visionbase Software Ltd have been developing property management software for over 20 years. With Landlord Manager for Sage the company have created the best landlord software and lettings software to link seamlessly with the UK's number one accountancy software solution. Visionbase Software are official Sage Developers, more details can be found here.

Their ambitious drive to go that extra mile for its customers led to the creation of Decorus, a highly sophisticated solution which continues to provide features making it the best landlord software and lettings software to integrate with Sage but this solution offers a lot more as it caters for block management too.

This property management software for Sage is suitable for residential and commercial lettings. The flexibility in Decorus makes it adaptable to solve a wide spectrum of problems from calculating service charge budgets for block managers, proving to be the best landlord software with tools to streamline paperwork and simplify client accounting for agents, making it the ideal lettings software.

Accountancy plays an important role for any business so using property management software for Sage makes managing financials a lot easier. This feature alone can save both time and money. Decorus is loaded with features to ease the administrative workload and the true 2-way integration minimises additional data entry needs, avoiding potential damage to productivity whilst monitoring financials has never been so simple.

Improve efficiency and optimise property performance on many levels thanks to the many advanced features included in the software such as fully configurable user views and filters to enhance the user experience.

Take advantage of Visionbase’s 20 years in property management software development with Decorus for Sage and your business, staff, portfolio and clients will benefit. 

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