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Implementation: Getting You Going...

Decorus includes an implementation plan to get you up and running. We will guide you through the initial processes as we get to know your business and build relations. With every property management team working differently, it is important for us to understand how your business operates from the start. 

We want our customers to feel comfortable using Decorus. Our training sessions will guide you through the basic set-up including financials. 

Implementation Training:

Detailed data entry session 

Detailed financial posting session 

Detailed online service charge session (if applicable)

Data Import

Want a new system without having to start from scratch?

Importing your existing data to Decorus can be quick and easy. Whether you have been working in Excel or you have exported your data from another software package to a CSV file your property and contact records (including tenants, landlords, suppliers and applicants) can be mapped to columns in Decorus.

Additional Training 

If you require extra training we do offer it at an extra cost with off the shelf sessions, carried out online on a specific aspect of the software or bespoke sessions, tailored around your needs. These can be held at our training room in Sheffield or we can come to you (enquire for prices). 

Our dedicated support team are available to deal with any technical or other software issues.

The software comes with 90 days support (from the day of installation). If you decide to continue with support we offer the service at an additional cost, payable on an annual or monthly basis. 

Support Includes:

  • Telephone Support 
  • E-mail Support
  • Remote assistance as we log on to your computer to resolve your issue 
  • Software updates

If you feel that the software is missing a specific feature that your business requires, we also offer a bespoke service upon request. 

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