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Use your time more efficiently with Decorus for Sage. Manage all the properties in your portfolio with 1 system, simplifying the most challenging portfolios and reducing the amount of paperwork required.

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Our current housing association users find the flexibility of Decorus, a real benefit as they can adapt it to work around their portfolio.

  • Reduce your paperwork
  • Improve time management
  • Monitor cash flow with ease
  • Create Service Charge budgets accurately
  • Access your data & reports

We offer desktop and cloud-based options.

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Property Centre

Comprehensive database to store information

Block Centre

Store your Residential Block Management information

Landlord Centre

Log all details for your landlords & freeholder

Tenancy Centre

All your tenancy information in one place

Lease Centre

All your leaseholder information in one place

Applicant Centre

Store prospective tenant's and their requirements

Supplier Centre

Store and categorise your suppliers and contractors

Maintenance Centre

Record reactive and scheduled Work Orders

Financial Centre

Financial information powered by your Sage data

Service Charge

Calculate Your Budget Effortlessly

Marketing Centre

Improve your occupancy rate with Decorus

Document Centre

Work in an organised environment with Decorus for Sage.

Office Diary

Quickly access all your staff appointments


Store any type of contact in this intuitive CRM solution

Manage the following…

Residential Lets

Professional, Student and Benefit lets

Commercial Lets

Office blocks to small industrial sites

Residential Block Management

Manage your blocks efficiently

Student Accommodation

From self contained student blocks to bedsits in HMO

Ground Rent

Quick and easy ground rent invoicing